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Working to build a more ethnically diverse stem cell registry 

With the support and partnership of advocates from various backgrounds, we are working to help educate people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds of the importance of adequate representation on the stem cell registry and bone marrow network. In particular we hope to help the ethnic make up of the Canadian stem cell registry better reflect the diversity of patients hoping to find a life-saving stem cell match.

We Are

One Blood for Life

Helping raise awareness in local communities and across the world

A Bit of Background

We work with local organizations and institutions to educate others of the importance of altruism and becoming blood, stem cell, and organ donors. By educating youth, we are investing in our youth and future donors of Canada's blood system.

Fostering the humanitarian inside us all

We are not only involved in helping save lives, but we also work to help enhance the lives of those in the communities which we work with. 

Donate Blood

Each unit of blood donated can touch the lives of up to 3 patients

Donating blood can be a simple as booking an appointment at your local blood donor clinic. Take a friend and help spread even more hope for patients in hospitals near you.

Sign up to become a stem cell donor


Sign up by swabbing your cheek and join a network of Canadians, connected to an international network, who are committed to becoming potential stem cell or bone marrow donors for patients with a variety of diseases.

Register to Donate Organs

One donor can touch up to 8 lives

Register your decision today to become an organ donor in the future. Offer a new life and new hope to someone in need.

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