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4th Annual Winter Campaign

The annual winter campaign was back in full swing, helping bring in donors to fill in appointments during this much needed time when many regular donors' schedules change but the need for blood remains.

Mixed Match 

A screening of an inspiring film followed by a panel of inspiring and prominent figures in Canada's blood system and hospitals. Mixed Match follows the difficulties many mixed race blood cancer patients face in finding a life-saving bone marrow donor. With the director of the film, Jeff Chiba Stearns along with prominent researchers in the field and representatives from various involved organizations including Dr. Dana Devine, the Chief Scientist with CBS, Erica Harris, a bone marrow transplant and double-lung transplant recipient and Sarah Jasmins, the stem cell territory manager for BC/Yukon and Prairie region among other panelists. An amazing initiative co-hosted with the Center for Blood Research at the University of British Columbia and Canadian Blood Services that provided a unique oppurtunity for students, community members, and those involved in these fields to meet patients who have been affected by life-saving donations, and discuss how we can work towards building a stronger tomorrow.

Oppenheimer Park

Through collaborative efforts with Project Blue Hands Society in supporting the health and well-being of marginalized populations. Efforts to provide access to resources, opportunities, and a spirit of healing and growth amongst residents of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, namely residents of Oppenheimer.


The annual campaign across the lower mainland was back during the winter of 2017-18 and larger than ever, supporting all the permanent clinic locations across the lower mainland of British Columbia. Hundreds of volunteers braved the cold and snow as they spread a message of sharing the gift of life this holiday season by becoming a blood donor #ItsTimeToGive 

Miri Piri Parade

Nearly 100 volunteers worked with the organizers of the parade that attracted thousands to help spread the message of giving the gift of life among the Sikh and other attendees. We recruited hundreds of new blood donors and registered hundreds of new young registrants into the national stem cell registry and bone marrow network, potentially helping any patient in need worldwide. 

October's Bloodfest

In the spirit of Halloween, multiple schools that are a part of the One Blood For Life Foundation's BC Youth Council came together to run a campaign by youth, for youth. Encouraging high school teams to donate at their local clinics, all we could say to them was bloody well done.

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