About Us

The most precious things in life are often valued the most once they are no longer present. Our health and that of those around us is invaluable; The ability to help give life by sharing what matters most is what led to the development of this organization.

It flows in us all, and no matter your age, sex, race, religion, ethnicity, or position in life, blood is what connects us as One humanity. We have realized a great need for blood donors, and even more importantly, stem cell donors to be from various backgrounds.


In this beautiful, multicultural country we live in, there was a great need for an organization to empower young individuals to shape the future of philanthropy and to connect people from all walks of life in giving back in one of the most fundamental and generous ways, by sharing the gift of life.

The organization was started in the spring of 2016 by a few youth, lead by Joban Bal, who decided to make a change about the staggeringly low number of blood donors in their city [Surrey]. From there the organization grew to various highschools in the city that were collaborating on initiatives to make a substantial impact. The organization went on to host multiple successful blood donor clinics in their community, run a successful campaign for the Surrey clinic which was severely underbooked amidst the winter storms, and helped increase the genetic diversity of the Canadian Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Network by hosting swabbing events in ethnically diverse populations.

One Blood For Life has now expanded, with well over 360 volunteers, and is currently present all across the lower mainland, helping to make a lasting impact on the lives of many.